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My Story

My husband, Herb, and I are the proud parents of 5 awesome kids. This picture is of us on a recent trip to Disney World. Not too long ago we would have never been able to afford this trip.

We were broke and in more than 100K in debt. We knew this wasn’t what God wanted for us. We kept believing even when it didn’t look good. Then we were presented with something that completely changed our lives. Can you relate? Have you been believing for more?

"Who can I help today?"

became our driving force.

I told my husband when we were dating that when we decided to have kids one day I would rather live in a tent and raise them myself rather than having somebody else raise them.

Today, by the grace of God, I can say that I’ve never lived in a tent (far from it), and I’ve always been able to stay at home with our children. Even better, they know their daddy as well as they know me because my husband was also afforded the opportunity to leave his career and stay at home with me!

After carefully evaluating the $1 billion healthcare company we are with now, and realized that it met every stringent criteria we had established (we had lost hope we would find a company because most didn’t meet the criteria) We realized this is the opportunity of a lifetime and the TIMING IS NOW!

I personally had a very tight schedule when I started, homeschooling five kids and had approximately 60 coaching clients. However, with the little time I did have I began making money immediately, ultimately replacing our incomes affording us to do this full-time. However, it truly was a part-time start!

Being servant leaders, the God inspired phrase, “Who can I help today?” became our driving force. It set us totally free! This “others focused” way of living life at home and in business is very rewarding and inspiring.

People ask why, if we are so successful, do we continue to work so diligently? The answer is because we love what we are doing and it’s a call on our lives!  We are helping so many people get set free physically, financially, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually!  So many moms are now home and involved with their family; some have even replaced their spouse’s income, allowing total freedom.

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